Our Promise to You:

  • Yakka Media Network Ltd. and its related companies ("Yakka Media," "us," or "we") are committed to being transparent and providing you access about how you want to manage your data. We collect and process some personal information about you and your actions to provide our services. 
  • We take your privacy seriously because you trust us with your data. We take severe precautions to make sure your information stays hidden, secure, and accurate. We want you to thoroughly read the information given below. 
  • If you have a visual disability, you may be able to use tools like screen readers or text-to-speech programs to understand the contents of this Privacy Policy. 

Grounds for Data Collection:

  • We need to use your "Personal data," which means information that could surely identify you, for many important reasons like fulfilling our agreements with you and giving you our services on our websites (referred to as "Websites" and "Service"), protecting our valid interests, and following the laws and rules. 
  • When you use our Service, you agree to let us collect, store and use, share, and do other things with your personal data as explained in this Privacy Policy. 

How Do We Receive Data about You? :

We collect your personal data from different places:

1. Registration Information: When you sign up for our service, you give us your personal details. 

2. Communication: When you talk to us, like sending us an email, we collect the Personal data you share. 

3. Technical Information: We use tech tools to track what you do on our website, when you use our services. We and our partners use things like cookies, JavaScript, beacons, and Local Storage to collect information about your likings and what you look at while visiting our site. You can find out more about these tracking tools in the "tracking technologies" section below. 

4. Info from Others: Sometimes, we might get your personal data from other companies that help us to improve our Services. This includes your name and username from social networks if you use them to log in to our Service. We might also get information from traffic analytics companies, fraud prevention agencies, and others. 

What Type of Data Do We Collect? :

We collect two types of data:

1. Personal Data:

Registration Information: When you sign up or create an account with our Service, we collect: 

  • Your email address, name, and phone number. 
  • We collect your email address when you subscribe to our newsletter. 
  • When you connect your account to a social network like Facebook or Google+, we might get some details from there, like your profile name and photo, and other social account info. Remember, you don't have to register, but without registration, you might have limited access to our Service. 

When Using Our Service: Our server keeps track

  • Your IP address (like a digital address for your device).
  • Unique identifiers for your device.

2. Non-Personal Data:

We also collect data about how our Service is used and what users do on it to make it better. 

This includes: 

Technical Information:

  1. General data about how the Service is used, such as page visits, clicks, the web browser you are using, your rough location, when you start and stop using the Service, your time-zone, your network type, and information about cookies. 
  2. Sometimes, our business partners share data with us. This might include things like codes that advertisers use to find their ads or mutual data about how people use our Service. This information helps us to understand the user’s interaction with our site. 

If we mix Personal data with Non-Personal data, we treat it all like Personal data. We'll only store and use more Personal data if you happily give it to us through a contact form.

Tracking Technologies:

We use different technologies like pixels, cookies, beacons, and more when you visit or use our Services. These technologies help us and official third parties collect information about you, your device, and how you use our website. This helps us make your experience better, improve our website's performance, study usage forms, and fit your experience.

Sometimes, we combine information collected through above mentioned technologies with data from other sources, and that mutual information might become Personal data.

We also use a tool called "Google Analytics" to collect information about how you use our Service. Google Analytics tells us things like how often people use our Service and which pages they visit the most. We use this data to make our Service better for you. Google Analytics only collects your IP address and does not collect your name or personal details. We do not mix the information from Google Analytics with generally detectable data. Google follows certain rules about using and sharing the data collected by Google Analytics, which are outlined in the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

What Are Cookies:

Cookies are small files made up of letters and numbers that a website puts on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. These cookies help improve your experience by remembering things like your language choice and settings.

Cookies are generally used to make websites work better. They remember your likings and make it easy for you to use the Service.

If you want to manage your cookie settings, there are a few ways to do it. But keep in mind that if you delete or block cookies, some parts of the Service might not work properly.

How to Manage Your Cookie Settings:

Through Your Web Browser: Most web browsers let you:

  • Realize what type of cookies are on your device.
  • Remove cookies one at a time or all at once.
  • Block or allow cookies for all websites or just specific ones.
  • You can often manage third-party cookies separately.

You can usually find information about cookies in your browser's "Help" section. Here is a list of some commonly used web browsers for more information:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari (Desktop)
  • Safari (Mobile)
  • Android Browser
  • Opera

For other browsers, check the documentation provided by the browser manufacturer.

1. Turning Off Third-Party Cookies: You can disable certain third-party advertising cookies by visiting their link. 

2. Other Resources: To understand more about how advertisers use cookies, you can check these links: 

  • European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EU)
  • Internet Advertising Bureau (US)
  • Internet Advertising Bureau (EU)

These resources can help you learn more about cookies and how to manage them according to your preferences.

How Do We Use the Data We Collect? :

We use your Personal data for many purposes, including:

    1. Provision of Service: To provide and improve our Services, offer support, and react to your queries. 

    2. Service Announcements: To communicate with you about updates to our Services and to provide you with service offers. 

    3. Analytics, Surveys, and Research: To conduct surveys, test features, and analyze data to improve and grow new features for our Services. 

    4. Marketing and Advertising: We may send you promotional materials about our Service or services from our partners that we think might have some importance to you. We may also display relevant ads or links to our partners' services on our platform based on computerized profiles created using your Personal data. 

Please note that even if you opt out of marketing, we may still use and share your Personal data with third parties for non-marketing purposes (like responding to your inquiries).

    5. Choosing Out: You can choose not to receive our promotional emails by clicking the "unsubscribe" link in the emails. However, you may still receive service-related updates and responses to your queries. 

    6. Protecting Our Interests: We may use your Personal data to protect against burdens, investigate and protect against third-party claims, prevent fraud, and maintain the security and integrity of our services. We also protect the rights and property of Yakka Media, its users, and partners. 

    7. Applying Policies: Your Personal data may be used to apply our policies, including our Terms of Service. 

    8. Agreement with Legal Requirements: We may use your Personal data to investigate violations, submit with legal obligations, regulations, or government requests, or respond to commands and similar legal processes. 

Please note that while you can opt out of some marketing-related uses of your data, we may still use your data for other non-marketing purposes as necessary to provide our services.

With Whom Do We Share your Personal data? :

We share your information in the following ways:

    1. Internal Related Parties: We share your information with companies within our group and our employees to provide you with our services. 

    2. Business Partners: We share your information with business partners like storage and analytics providers, as well as advertisers. It helps us offer our service. These third parties may access your Personal data to perform tasks on our behalf by following this Privacy Policy and cannot use your data for other purposes. We may also share your data with marketers who offer you relevant products and services. You can prevent to the transfer of your data to these business partners or unsubscribe from their communications. 

    3. Agreement with Laws and Law Enforcement: We cooperate with government, law enforcement, and private entities to follow and apply the law. We may share your data with them if we believe it's necessary to respond to rights and legal processes, protect our or others' rights and property, confirm public safety, prevent illegal or unethical activities, or if required by public authorities for reasons like national security. 

    4. Mergers and Acquisitions: If we are involved in a business transaction such as a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, reorganization, or sale of assets, we may share your data. Any party obtaining our assets in such a transaction will continue to use your data according to this Privacy Policy. 

EU Residents:

For users living in the European Union (EU), we want to make sure you are aware of your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection laws. Here's what you can request:

    1. Confirmation and Access: You can ask if we are processing your Personal data and you can get access to your stored Personal data beside additional information. 

    2. Data Copy: You have the right to receive a copy of the Personal data that you have provided to us in a planned, commonly used, and format read by machines. 

    3. Data Correction: If there are errors in your Personal data that we control, you can ask for corrections. 

    4. Data Erasure: You can ask to delete your Personal data. 

    5. Object to Processing: You can raise questions about how we process your Personal data. 

    6. Data Processing Restriction: You can request limits on how we process your Personal data. 

    7. Complaint with Authority: You have the right to submit a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority.

Please remember that these rights are only for EU residents, not absolute, and may be subject to our valid interests and regulatory requirements. If you are not an EU resident but have questions or requests, feel free to contact us.

Transfer of Data outside the EU:

For EU users, it's important to know that some receivers of your data may be located outside the EU. In such cases, we will only transfer your personal data to countries approved by the European Commission with suitable data protection levels or we will create legal agreements to ensure a suitable level of data protection.

California Residents:

This section of the Privacy Policy is specific to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) and its purpose is to provide information about how we handle personal data for California residents.

Sharing Personal data:

We may share your Personal data with third parties for business purposes under the CCPA. While doing this, we have contracts in place that require both parties to keep your Personal data confidential and only use it as needed to justify the contract.

Selling Personal data:

We may share some of your Personal data with partners for providing our Services and other commercial purposes. Under CCPA, some of this sharing may be considered a "sale," and you have the right to get out of it. Note that getting out may affect how you can access and receive some services, as some services require sharing your Personal data with third parties.

You can get out of such leaks, and we will provide instructions on how to perform this right below.

User Rights under CCPA:

CCPA provides clients specific rights regarding their Personal data:

Access to Personal data: You can request information about the Personal data we have collected about you.

Access to Personal data: You can request information about the Personal data we have collected about you.

Deletion Requests: You can ask us to delete your Personal data.

Right to get out of Sale: You can stop us from selling your data.

Performing Your Rights:

You can perform these rights by submitting a consumer request that can be proved to our email address. Only you or an authorized agent can make a request related to your Personal data.

The request must:

  • Explain your request clearly.
  • Provide enough information to verify your identity.

We try to respond to provable consumer requests within 45 days. If we need more time, we'll let you know why and we will provide the extra time. We will respond in writing, either by mail or electronically.

Electing Agents:

You can elect an agent who is authorized to make a request on your behalf if they meet specific criteria. If you use an authorized agent, you must provide a certified copy of your written declaration to authorize them to act on your behalf.


We will not oppose you for exercising your CCPA rights. This means we won't deny you goods or services, charge you different prices, or provide a different level or quality of goods or services based on this, unless given permission by CCPA.

Please note that CCPA rights are subject to applicable legal requirements, including reporting or document retention obligations.

If you have any questions or need clarification regarding your Personal data and how we use it, please contact us.

How Do We Protect Your Information:

We take precautions to secure your Personal data through administrative, technical, and physical security methods. Your data is stored securely on servers and your data is not accessible to the public. We limit the access to your information to employees or partners who require it to fulfill our agreement.

Even with our efforts to maintain confidentiality, we can't provide a complete guarantee of security. You play a key role in stopping unauthorized access by properly securing your password and controlling access to your account. You are the only one responsible for keeping your password private and for all activities related to your password and account, including any unauthorized use.

Additionally, please be aware that there's always some inherent risk in transmitting information over the internet. While we make every effort to protect your Personal data, we cannot guarantee the complete security and privacy of your data or other content you transmit using our service.

Our Policy toward Children

We understand the importance of securing children's privacy, especially in an online setting. The Site and Services are not planned for or aimed at children under the age of 16 years old (Minors). We do not collect Personal data from Minors internationally. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that their child has supplied us with Personal data, they should reach out to us using the contact information.

Updates to This Policy

This Privacy Policy may go through irregular changes, which will be made at our will. The latest version will always be accessible on our website. We recommend checking for updates regularly. By continuing to use our Services after any revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the updated Privacy Policy.


We will keep your Personal data for a specific duration to provide our services, meet legal requirements, settle differences, and defend our policies. The retaining periods will be determined based on the nature of the information collected and the reasons for collecting it. We will consider relevant legal requirements and the need to organize outdated and unused information as soon as possible.

As per applicable regulations, we will keep records containing client personal data, trading details, documents related to accounts, communications, and any other necessary information, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations.

How to Contact Us

If you want to perform any of the rights mentioned earlier or need additional information, please get in touch with us using the following contact details:

Yakka Media Network Ltd.