About Us:

  • Yakka FX is a global leading fiscal news platform that delivers rearmost request news and analysis, streaming quotations and maps, specialized data, and fiscal tools for fiscal requests.  

Our Background:

  • A group of people who knew a lot about trading came together to make a special platform for the perfect Forex and CFD trading. They started with just a small idea, and from there, they erected a commodity called Yakka FX. As time passed, Yakka FX grew and added new effects you can trade, like stuff from the stock request and indeed digital plutocrats like cryptocurrencies. Lately, they also started giving information about managing your own finances and crypto means. 

Our Mission:

  • We provide informational, useful news, data, and content that helps our readers. Besides the daily news and streaming data, It comes in the form of our review sections covering CFD and Stockbrokers, Crypto exchanges, Wallets, and more financial product reviews on the way. 

Broker Reviews:

  • We take great pride in our review section, and we dominate in it as compared to others in the request. Our platoon of expert dealers performs complete and fair reviews to help investors choose the right broker for them every day. They dig deep into CFD/ Forex, Stocks, and Crypto exchanges that you might face. They examine, dissect, and talk about different corridors of the product and service that could be important to you if you're a dealer. This means we give our compendiums a thorough look and understanding of the broker or exchange. presently, we are working on making our review section bigger by covering further sectors in the assiduity. 

Source of Authority:

  • When it comes to giving you the most updates on the requests, reviews, and expert opinions, Yakka FX is a trusted source. Our intelligencers have been in the news business for a long time and they're important and admired. Our pundits are educated dealers who know exactly what is important. But most importantly, we value our anthology’s input. We modernize news on a regular basis about all the major currencies and effects you can trade. We also give specialized and authentic analysis, which is like a close look at the figures and data behind the request. We also offer educational content, like webinars, papers, and courses for dealers of every type. Our judges report every day on the diurnal variations in the fiscal requests. They give timely updates on the important factors that can impact the request, like economics, politics, and specialized stuff. We also explain why the request is moving the way it is.  

Speak to Us:

  • Your feedback is important to us. We know that the Yakka FX community is like a family of dealers with different situations and ways to trade. We always aim to give what our valued compendiums are like.